Qun Kwa Traditional Chinese Bride

QunKwa is quite popular among Chinese brides these days. It is a red traditional two-piece dress usually elaborately adorned with gold and silver design which symbolises a family’s wealth. There was records that state Qun Kwa began showing up as the Chinese wedding dress some time during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

Hair and makeup : @dollupwithdolly

Hair accessory : @dollupwithdolly

Wedding planner : @sugarnspicemsia

Jien and Suea Chian

What a beautiful tropical garden wedding by the beach. Suea Chian requested for a half up and half down hairstyle for her solemnisation. Glowy skin that looks and feels like skin, even though there was usage of high coverage concealer for her under eye circles and spots. I gave her eyes warm orange eyeshadow that mimicked the Batu Ferringhi sunset and rosy cheeks for a healthy flush.

Hair and makeup by @dollupwithdolly

Eryn’s Reception

It was an honour to be able to do Eryn’s hair for her big day. Eryn requested for a bun up style similar to Yvette’s Chinese traditional ‘kua’ hairstyle that I did a few weeks ago. She wanted her fringe to be smoothed down her forehead and tucked behind neatly. Her long veil and diamond crown totally elevated her entire look. To see her review on the hairstyle I did for her, click here.